Best Rack Synthesizers

As of lately its pretty common to hear synth lovers discuss how we’re currently residing in a resurgence time period when it comes to best rack synthesizers, and there’s certainly a case to be made, with all of the inexpensive analog synths that the famous brands like Moog, Korg also many others happen to be developing. A flourishing Eurorack music scene helping modular synthesis become a lot more readily available than in the past, plus lavish innovative polysynths originating from the popular synth brands like Waldorf as well as Dave Smith Instruments.

The latest era characterized by models offering analog circuitry, knob hefty interfaces, or surprisingly both which very likely started off within the mid 21st century beginning with Moog introducing the Little Phatty and Dave Smith Instruments showing they can keep up by way of the Mopho along with many other frontrunners.

Without a doubt, rack synthesizers are among the better synth deals of today as defined by pure audio quality and power per money spent with intent, are offered to the ones who are able to do without any keys and would like to explore never ending sonic possibilities.

Behringer 2600
  • Semi-modular architecture involves no patching for fast functionality
  • Multi-mode VCF with committed low-pass output along with additional switched high/notch output functionality 
  • 3 VCOs, each with LFO mode, FM inputs, in addition to many wave-shape outputs providing an electrifying palette of sonic alternatives
ASM Hydrasynth
  • Manufactured from steel with aluminum side panels and can also fit in a 2U rack space easily including 5 banks of 128 patch experiences
  • Unique Desktop synth with 4 easy to use velocity sensitive pads
  • Comes with power supply plus Inputs/Outputs for Expression pedal, sustains pedal, MIDI, USB, Mods, Gates, Clock, as well as CV
Behringer Neutron
  • Paraphonic mode enables both oscillators to become independently operated
  • Oscillator waveform control mixes harmonically between 5 shapes (sawtooth, sine, triangle, pulse, tone mod)
  • 7 buttons and 36 controls provide you with direct and real time entry to all parameters
Behringer Model 3
  • Natural analog signal path determined by traditional VCO, VCF and VCA configurations
  • Traditional 24 dB ladder filter with resonance for renowned audio effectiveness
  • Monophonic noise development with polychain selection for as many as 16 voices

Behringer 2600

For those who initially desired an ARP 2600 you had to be happy to spend tear shedding amounts, a number of synthesizers are not as popular as the original unique 2600, however from now on Behringer has taken the almighty powerful semi-modular synth to a reasonably priced 8U rack-mounted structure compared to relatable hardware like the ARP 2500, Buchla 200 and Moog Modular that paved the way.

Whether you’re going after timeless synth sounds or looking to feed your daily musical symptoms, the Behringer 2600 hands you with an abundance of sound design resources, such as mountain ranges of modulation, a multimode VCF, three lovely VCOs, along with inexhaustible routing alternatives.

The ARP 2600 is a half a century design superior, it was the earliest semi‑modular synthesizer playable without the use of a single patch cable. The inner connections essential for a completely performing synth voice are pre‑wired but may become re‑routed by using a patch cable. Its reasonable panel structure and use of faders as opposed to knobs caused it to be well-liked by both first-timers and seasoned synthesists.

Although Behringer has focused to recreate the very first design almost precisely, they also have carried out some positive adjustments along the route.

This really could have been a real reason for concern, but nonetheless they have prospered to retain the nature of the original synth whilst only incorporating innovative advancements that even those who own an original 2600 couldn’t dispute.


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ASM Hydrasynth 

The Hydrasynth fulfills plenty desires that many musicians seek when exploring many different sonic ideas. Position it on your workstation table or perhaps your go-to nearby rack, and also when you wish to develop a fresh sound to fit your music, it is possible to play the synth from its 24 polyphonic tension delicate pads while modifying the sound.

This eight-voice polyphonic wave-morphing synthesizer with three oscillators per voice, relatively countless volume of modulation possibilities, and quite a few other exceptional capabilities for instance Mutators.

typical analog modeling, oscillators 1 and 2 provide a Wave scanning element, which in turn permits you to smoothly skim through numerous waveshapes whenever, wherever. Mutators unlock the opportunity of a lot more intense sound shaping with FM, PWM, plus much more.

This thing can be a true gem and seems like it’s designed to withstand its all around capability. A very important factor that ultimately caught attention for most regarding this hardware was in fact the value. For something this well-equipped, you’d anticipate a substantial asking price.

That’s ultimately not the gist with this particular model to say the least. The rack synth isn’t a synth for just anyone, however, when you’re continuously looking to challenge yourself and need a machine that could force your expertise without having to spend a fortune, the Hydrasynth is undoubtedly well worth a look.

Behringer Neutron

The Behringer Neutron semi-modular analog rack synth presents no endings when it comes to the enchanting sonic naughtiness you are able to patch without disappointment. Having a duo of hard hitting crisp waveform oscillators along with ample modulation possibilities, this one of a kind unaided, Eurorack module presents neck hurting leads that’ll knock the decor off walls, in addition to enormous basses that may help the cause.

From hypnotic heavenly pads to convincing attention seeking noise, Neutron has got you taken care of.

For sonic expression, CV (control voltage) is defiantly a factor within this device, and the Neutron provides entire accessibility. Utilizing its large patchbay, you are able to create your very own completely different distinctive signature sounds and help put yourself in a position not many will experience.

Ultimately, when all said and done we would like to highlight how significant the patchbay is plus knowing that its an important piece of the Neutron equation. This isn’t some halfhearted gesture towards modularization, yet a remarkably handy characteristic for a qualified rack synth.

The truth is, it goes way beyond the vast majority of its opposition in terms of the large amount of patch points. This makes it an excellent instrument to get the hang of in which user patching may be exploited within the search for authentic and fascinating sounds.

The Neutron does posses imperfections, as well as its not so favorable design challenges. Nonetheless, it can sound good, and when it comes to not breaking the bank, it’s seriously a steal for most rack synthesizer enthusiast and we consider it one of the best rack synthesizers available today.

Behringer Model 3

The plump, gritty tone coming from the Model D is certainly strengthen by Behringer’s addition of an overdrive circuit it is possible to patch in and manage through the Ext In jack and volume pot in the Mixer area. Nevertheless analog synthesis isn’t solely relayed on intense leads along with dirty vibrating basses. This best rack synthesizer can also be competent at weird precise creations of traditional acoustic musical instruments for instance strings, brass, ect.

The Behringer Model D’s timeless VCF is a necessary element of what Behringer is doing and has proved to be exceptional the D’s filter sounds pretty impressive, very sleek and musical, providing a pleasant touch any time you dial in a certain amount of resonance. Stemming from ruthless to relaxing, the Behringer D produces a world of sonic prospects that tend to never go unnoticed.

Being nothing but truthful, the Behringer Model D looks visually appealing. Highlighted with solid wood siding, its delicate, Eurorack-sized framework exhibits a classical synth variation that can be challenging to keep your fingers away from. The steady pots feel awesome, as well as clean and stable, along with the fantastic degree of resistance.

Right at your finger tips are three voltage-operated oscillators that position a godly sonic like firepower, whilst the traditional control set grants an extensive level of real-time definition. There’s also lucrative CV connectivity for semi-modular synth rack convenience, Behringer has crammed most of the necessities and then some into this small legend of a synth that will at times leave you amazed once understanding the overall functionality.

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