Roland Boutique TR-09

Roland Boutique TR-09 Review

The Roland Boutique TR-09 Rhythm Composer is the resurrection of the Roland TR-909. The classic synthesizer has been repackaged and enhanced to create the new TR 9 which is powered by Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology and provides a sound well-known and loved by 909 aficionados. While the layout and interface are similar to that of its predecessor, the TR-09 does contain some modern enhancements including a wider control over a range of drum parameters and the ability to switch modes while playing.

Other enhancements include the USB audio which has four separate outputs, USB, MIDI, and external control of the device using a trigger output. Some settings like tune, gain, compression, and decay are hidden somewhere in the menu and need to be discovered. The Roland Boutique TR-09 is a part of the Roland Boutique series which runs on 4 AA batteries, hence making it portable and ready to use on the go. The TR-09 can also be powered by USB bus power as an alternative.

User Reviews:

This Roland drum machine garnered a lot of attention in the industry, due to which users are ecstatic to use its new and enhanced version. The TR-909 mixed snare, analog kick, and tom drums with samples to create a hybrid sound which made it completely unique as a drum machine. The TR 9 maintains that unique sound.

It also provides all the capabilities of the standard 909 with additional benefits. Many users prefer it over its ancestor due to the reduced cost. The TR-09 is said to be easy to use and is known to have a good sound despite its comparatively low price and compact size.

roland boutique tr 09


The most outstanding features of the Roland Boutique TR-09 are:

  • It is the ultra-compact version of the original 909.
  • The TR-09 has the same user interface, character, and unique sound as its ancestor.
  • It provides control over various parameters including tune, decay, and level.
  • Retains the classic TR-REC style programming with step or tap write modes.
  • Allows switching between write and play modes while playing beats.
  • Includes four different outputs through USB audio.
  • Provides trigger output and input for the control of external instruments.
  • Contains a metal front panel and a high-quality exterior.
  •  It’s portable and ideal for making music outside the studio.
  • Sequencer with 16 steps and 16 sub-steps.
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries and alternatively with a USB bus.
  • Compatibility with K-25m Keyboard Unit.
  • Mini-speaker built-in and powered for enjoyment on the go.

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The TR-09 is a dream come true for TR-909 enthusiasts. It combines all the good features of the classic machine and provides a modern twist to it. The quality of the sound has not decreased, and the additional features make it much simpler to use. Its compact size allows it to be used on the go and not just be confined to the studio.

A TR-09 Rhythm Composer is an effective device for less than half the price of the original and has managed to resurrect the classic in the best way possible. This is a must-have for all TR-909 fans who want a better quality at an affordable price.

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