Roland TR-909 Drum Machine

Roland TR-909 Drum Machine

The Roland TR-909 rhythm composer is an amazing programmable analog Roland drum machine. It produces different kinds of sounds which include snare, kick, hand clap, toms of all three kinds (low,mid,high), open and closed hi hats, rim shot, crash cymbals, and a ride.

All these sounds produced can be tweaked by altering the attack, tuning, tone, decay, accent, and snap. This machine does not aim at being close to proper acoustic drums. It creates a unique analog sound which works perfectly for any kind of audio. The TR-909 Roland was first manufactured by the Roland Corporation of Japan in the year 1984. For more synthesizer reviews click here!

User Reviews:

The users of TR 909 are not only pleased with its sound quality (which is also its unique feature) but also love its unique programming interface. It has sixteen buttons for the sixteen steps in a rhythm. You can choose your sound and then insert the beats at the exact point and frequency you wish to. It also possesses distinct accents for every part, in addition to the complete accent. If you want to program the swung patterns easily, then its shuffle feature will come handy.

This Roland rhythm composer provides the users with absolute control over all the sounds produced by this drum machine. It is a brilliant musical instrument which takes your music composition to greater heights. In fact, the TR 909 is the ultimate rhythmic godfather of house music and techno beats. Its step sequencer is simple and serves perfectly for many types of different beats. It can save a large number of customized rhythm patterns, which makes it the best choice of instrument for complete studios and live shows.

Roland TR-909 drum machine


The features of the Roland TR 909 Rhythm Composer are as mentioned below:

  • It produces sounds of different kinds – bass drum, snare, rim shot, crash, hats & ride.
  • Its recording memory capacity is of 48 Rhythmic Patterns which include 16 three-pattern groups and two Banks – I and II.
  • It can produce around 4 tracks.
  • The number of steps can range from 1 to 16 in each measure.
  • There is one start and one stop/continue key present.
  • It consumes around 14 W of power
  • The dimensions of the TR 909 are 486 mm Width X 105 mm Height X 300 mm Diameter .
  • It weighs around 4.5 Kg.
  • It possesses MIDI and DIN Sync, individual outputs, shuffle and flam feature, and external cartridges for memory.

Roland TR-909 Review Video


Unlike the other models, the TR 909 possesses CV/Gate abilities and a full MIDI. These sounds are produced by a synthesizer engine in synchrony with oscillators, amplitude modulators, and filters. Its front panel can control the pitch, decay, and attack of the sounds generated.

It was basically designed with the concept of adding a human touch to the beat of the drum. It is a multi- functional instrument which can be used either in the form of programmed patterns or a set sound module; in both ways, you will get the best of analog drumming with the Roland 909.

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