Arturia Beatstep Pro Review

Arturia Beatstep Pro Review Step Sequencer 

The Arturia Beat Step Pro controller & sequencer is a dual analog-style sequencer, pad controller, live performance device and drum programmer. It was invented by the Arturia Company, which is a popular manufacturer of various softwares and hardware for musical performance and production. It is a unique product in the field of music.

The earlier version of the Beat Step Pro was the Arturia Beatstep which had various limitations, so it was re-introduced into the market with improved features and the suffix ‘pro’. The Arturia Beatstep Pro has won the hearts of many musicians who work on-stage as well as off-stage.

User Reviews:

The Arturia Beatstep Pro is an amazing device for many synth enthusiast. Many musicians claim that it is very simple and convenient to use. They love the ability of the Beatstep Pro to work with a MIDI interface as well as with a CV one. Most music-lovers have bought the Beatstep Pro because it is less expensive and packs punch for its little portable size.

Customers have given it a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. The Beat step Pro is constructed in an amazing way with a magnetic enclosure lock, plus can be controlled even without a computer, and customers are very happy with this feature. Arturia has done a fantastic job by focusing on the requirements of the customers and making their product accordingly.

arturia beatstep pro review controller & sequencer


The following are the impressive features of the Arturia Beatstep Pro Sequencer

  • The Beatstep Pro is a startling hardware sequencer which can interact with interfaces like MIDI, DIN Sync gear, CV/GATE, and USB.
  • It is a two-fold sequencer.
  • It offers 64 steps for every sequence.
  • The flexible MIDI controller mode gives the user an extensive DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and virtual control.
  • The Beatstep Pro can be connected to any computer or laptop due to the presence of a USB port.
  • The Beatstep Pro provides a total of three sequencers – two-step sequencers (A step sequencer is as a basic type of music sequencer) and one drum sequencer.
  • The Beat step Pro consists of total 16 projects, and there are sixteen patterns for all the three sequencers – SQ1, SQ2, and DRUM.
  • You can also save all your projects on the Beatstep Pro.
  • The ideal length of a sequence is 16 steps, but luckily you can expand it to about 64 steps.
  • You can also save a specific sequence that you have created and copy it.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The Beatstep Pro has various knobs, buttons, and some pads which can be fully personalized.
  • There are two CV outputs for pitch and velocity respectively.
  • One output gate is also present.

Arturia Beatstep Pro Review Video


To put it all together, the Arturia Beatstep Pro controller & sequencer is an incredible instrument for novices to expert producers, musicians. Anyone who purchases it would never regret the superb choice. It helps in a lot of ways because of its unique qualities which allow you to broaden the working spectrum. One can control it with the help of the MIDI interface or the USB port.

The Arturia Company has totally succeeded in their goal of creating the perfect musical device, it is very useful not just during live performances but also for making an album or recording. Even the professional artists who have used the Beat step Pro couldn’t stop talking about it. The price for this product is also very reasonable. So, if you are planning to purchase this Arturia controller, don’t hesitate, just buy and enjoy it.

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