Dreadbox Hades Review

Dreadbox Hades Review Bass Synthesizer

The Dreadbox Hades is an analog bass synthesizer. Hades is the name of an ancient Greek God of the Underworld. The Hades is very similar to the Dreadbox Erebus analog synthesizer. Like the Erebus, the Hades also includes a semi-modulator patch matrix. It was released in 2015, if interested in any other top synth hardware gear click here!

User Reviews:

The Dreadbox Hades bass synth is a well-designed device. It is a straightforward analog instrument, customers have liked the inclusion of a full analog circuit through the hole components. The price of the Hades is quite understandable for what it offers and its sound quality is top notch, along with the construction quality.

The sides of the Hades are made of wood, which look like its cheeks, and add an aesthetic appeal to it. Overall, the Hades has earned a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Customers admire the simple, raw, and fat bass produced with a punch. The Hades is definitely something beyond the usual bass synths.

Dreadbox Hades Review Bass Synthesizer


The Hades has the following features:

  • The size of the Hades is about 209mm*160mm*40mm.
  • It weighs around 0.9 kilograms.
  • The Hades has three voices in total, including one VCO and two sub-octaves.
  • It also has a triangle wave LFO.
  • There are two envelope generators in the Hades: 1. Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain. 2. Attack, Release.
  • It has 5 MIDI interfaces, from C0 to C5.
  • UnlimitedMIDI octaves can be produced using the CV/GATE.
  • The MIDI interface allows you to choose among 5 octaves.
  • The Hades has an oscillator which takes around 5 to 20 minutes to warm up and stabilize. This feature is also seen in the Erebus.
  • There is an inbuilt AR envelope in the Hades.
  • The LFO has a wide range of frequencies up to 1000 Hz.
  • The Hades has an output system which only sends voltage.
  • The outputs are: ENV (envelope voltage), LFO (low frequency oscillator), MOD (modulation wheel), and 1V/OCV (sends pitch tracking).
  • There is also an input system which receives the voltages.
  • There is an availability of the OTA (operational transconductance amplifier) circuit distortion.
  • It is compatible with an eight-point matrix eurorack.
  • The inputs are: PW (pulse width), VCF (voltage controlled frequency), VCA, CV, and GATE.
  • It has a 3-pole resonating low-pass filter which works at 18 dB/octave.
  • The VCO has two types of waveforms: sawtooth and square.
  • The Dreadbox Hades needs a power supply of 12V AC 500mA.

Dreadbox Hades Review Video



This Dreadbox synth has an awesome design and structure. There are wooden plates on the sides which make it look classy. The sound quality produced by the Hades bass synth is amazing. The presence of the two filters is what makes this loved by the customers. There are various knobs and gliders which make the operation of the device easier.

It has many features similar to the Dreadbox Erebus. The Hades produces deep-bass sound. The price of the Hades is also reasonable and it requires very low power supply (12V). The Dreadbox Hades produces sounds like those produced in the ‘70s and ‘80s. All the products created by Dreadbox are amazing and the Hades is one of them. People still prefer this analog bass synthesizer.

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