Dreadbox Erebus V2 Review

Dreadbox Erebus V2

The Dreadbox Erebus happens to be an analogue synthesizer which includes quite a few patching alternatives. It is actually one of the better hardware innovations in the field of synthesizer music. It generates huge-bass sounds. Men and women who appreciate music will adore this device to their core.

It is not to overpriced for what it brings to the table and is particularly named after the Greek God of Darkness. It was created by John Diakoumakos who is from Athens. If your already a big fan of the Dreadbox synth series i would highly recommend you to also check out the Dreadbox Hades bass analog synthesizer.

User Reviews:

Many users are totally pleased with the Dreadbox Erebus v2. Prior to the Erebus, the previous creation, the Murmux, had already won hearts of all types of musicians, though the Erebus is achieving stages higher than the Murmux. Consumers love the dark grey and green colors of the Dreadbox. The Erebus features beautiful wooden edges on the side.

It has super strong knobs which you’ll find are very user friendly. The heart-throbbing quality of the Erebus is its ability to produce polyphony notes, which means that it can operate two different oscillators but they pass through the same filter and amplifier. However, the Erebus can also produce monophony just by changing the position of the oscillator switch. The customers love this unique quality of the Erebus.

Dreadbox Erebus V2 Review


  • The Dreadbox Erebusmeasures about 225×160×55 mm.
  • The oscillators take some time to warm up after turning on. It takes about 5 to 20 minutes to stabilise. The oscillators are generally made to work in polyphony. The two oscillators share a common filter and a VIA.
  • The LOG contains two waveforms that are triangle and square respectively. The range of this is about 0.009 Hz to 30 Hz.
  • The rear face contains a socket for external power supply of 12V, input and output sockets, and also MIDI In and MIDI Thru sockets.
  • There are two envelopes for the ADSR and AR type analogues. ADSR is for operating the filter and AR is for the output stage.
  • The Erebus also contains an inbuilt delay system with dedicated time, mix controls and feedback.
  • There are fifteen patching options, compared to the Murmux, which had 14 patching options.
  • The Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF) is a two pole 12 db octave pre-fed filter. Pre-fed means that it contains an inbuilt pre-resonance accent. Resonating means that when the resonance control is at 100%, it can provide self-oscillation.
  • The amplifier has an inbuilt AR envelope generator. When the output level is at the highest, the output can be 10 Volts p/p, so you should be careful to prevent damage to your ears or the speakers.
  • The right side of the box contains a patching system. It contains two areas which are for input and output. The input receives voltage and the output sends voltage.

Dreadbox Erebus V2 Review Video


The Dreadbox Erebus analog synthesizer is a marvelous gift for those who love music as well as experienced analog users. Chances are you’ll spend some time to grasp the features in order to operate it effectively however if you simply keep experimenting with the box, you will become an expert before you know it and will appreciate the unique options that come with the Dreadbox Erebus.

Yet another essential aspect which makes it a top pick is its compact size and easy connectivity. The Dreadbox Erebus is a superb system to obtain and present to your loved ones. Therefore, if you’d prefer synth music and would like to enjoy it to the fullest, i would highly recommend this device for any hardcore producers looking to expand their gear collection.



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