Best Analog Synth For The Money

Back with yet another informative post on our list for best analog hardware synth for the money. Many synth enthusiast have personally let us known what they think of the best go-to portable analog synthesizers on the market today. These synths have a boat load of many endorsed features, which various people rant and rave about coming from novices to top charting musicians.

For additional reviews on our many highly recommended synths in the industry click here! nonetheless, lets continue below with our exceptional list of favored best analog synths.

Teenage Engineering Op-1 Portable Synthesizer

Teenage Engineering op-1 is one of the most talked about synthesizers that Teenage Engineering has introduced, and it has been one of their best ones yet. Perhaps, its best quality is that it is portable along with possessing many tweakable parameters.

It being the “all-in-1 wonder” as they say, including many valuable features like the particular 4-track tape feature which allows you to match tape speed with tempo, along with others such as mixer and effects, instant sampler, built in mic with much more.

Various musicians praise its FM Radio and a G-force sensor modulation, for motion controlled effects. Apart from that, the sound quality is undoubtedly amazing, which in turn helps you work easily without being distracted. It’s built is sleek, and easy to work with. This amazing pocket synth is also perfect for on the go enjoyment with up to 16 hours on a fully charged battery.

Customer Reviews

According to most of the customers, Teenage Engineering op-1 has been acting as a complete production platform, providing them with all the basic facilities needed to make music effectively. Many of the reviews have also claimed that it is not complicated to learn at all, and is extremely easy to get along.

All the reviews say that this synthesizer will best suit all the people who make music professionally as well as a hobby especially the live performers. Teenage Engineering op-1 has been made to please anyone and everyone. People who have been using synthesizers for years have also been seen highly appreciating this small pocket synth, and recommending it for external hardware use with many other synths as seen here.



Following are the features that make Teenage Engineering op-1 truly special:

• Includes 10 different Synthesizer Engines, which can be easily accessed with the help of the sound selection keys.
• It has two built-in samplers, with the help of which, sampling can be done easily, effectively and quickly.
• Includes a wide range of 24 Keys.
• It comes with different instruments and kits already loaded on it.
• The 4-track-tape feature helps you record anything that you are playing.
• It includes 4 Channel Mixers, which can help you add textures and effects to your creation.
• It includes a Compressor and 7 Stereo Effects as well.
• You can finalize your masterpiece in the master out panel.
• The mixer mode also enables you to solo or mute tracks, just by the push of a button.
• It has 6 sequencers, each of which does its own task, thus letting you mix your tracks up effectively and efficiently.
• It has a built-in microphone and FM Radio.
• The controller mode is another one of Teenage Engineering op-1’s attractive features.
• Your recorded material can be easily edited with the help of the Instant Tape Editing mode.


After looking through everything that Teenage Engineering op-1 has to offer, anyone would be attracted towards this cool portable synthesizer. Its features and specs are truly mind blowing, and it is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys making music.

Elektron Analog Four Review

The Elektron Analog four is a perfect amalgamation of two important features. It delivers analog impact that is quite difficult to replace along with sharp and perfect digital accuracy. It produces sounds ranging from organic to chaotic and in between also. Analog Four provides the option of precision programming or any design you wish to make.

The range of sonic produced by this synthesizer is very wide which can cover all kinds of tracks. This perfect all-around synth tracks along with a innate step sequencer deliver which has ability to develop and layer sounds. With the help of its DIN sync and CV/Gate outputs, the control of exterior analog gear becomes quite easy and detailed.

User Reviews

As per its customers, the Analog four is a brilliant instrument which has unlimited capabilities. The parameter locks of this device are amazing. It delivers magnificent sound design, variation and modulation due to which you can make music quite effortlessly. It is highly endorsed when utilized while engaging in live performances, with the help of the performance mode, users can map maximum five parameters on each knob.

It takes some time to get used to this instrument but is easy to learn. Once you understand how to enjoy this analog synthesizer, the music created will be quite worthy of your efforts and time. It is provided with regular updates of the operating system which keeps them up to date. Its users are crazy with this wonderful combination of analog as well as a sequencer.



Elektron Analog Four comes with below-mentioned features:

• The signal path of Analog 4 is completely analog which creates organic sound
• It consists of two analog oscillators along with 2 sub-oscillators which produce different waveshapes on an entire 4 oscillators
• It possess AM oscillator and modes for syncing
• It comes with 1 ladder filter which is 4 pole and produces analog lowpass
• It also possess another filter for multi-mode and is 2 pole analog
• Analog 4 have 1 amp envelope along with two assignable envelopes and 2 face envelopes which are dedicated LFO
• It can store up to 128 projects or we can say 4096 sounds along with Sound Library of Drive
• It provides three kinds of sound effects which are Wideshift Chorus, Supervoid Reverb and Saturator Delay
• For audio input there are two ¼” jacks whereas there is one ¼” jack for stereo headphones
• It contains 2 LFOs that are assignable, one is dedicated vibrato and another one is dedicated waveshape
• It consumes typically around 14 W, however, its maximum unit consumption is 24 W
• Its dimensions including rubber feet and knob are 13.4” W X 6.9” D X 2.4” H


This on of a kind machine is an amazing analog synthesizer, its filters and analog oscillators produce the perfect organic sounds whereas its step sequencer delivers state-of-the-art sound control. Intricate and sophisticated compositions can be made in an efficient manner without wasting time due to the availability of features like Variable length and parameter locks.

It allows you to add new and awesome built effects to your mixture through which you can open the most beautiful chapter of analog sounds. Thus, this synth becomes a must buy because of the varied features offered at such an affordable price.

Korg Kaossilator Pro Review

A new and improved version of Korg’s palm sized version of Kaossilator, the Korg Kaossilator Pro packs in a host of great features which makes creating music easier than ever before. This excellent gadget can be used seamlessly by anyone, even those who are new to playing with synthesis.

This touch-pad synth can be easily used by a simple rub, stroke or tap with just one finger, along with 200 sound programs this synthesizer is ideally suited for live performances. The extensive audio effects, drum sounds, 31 scales, Gate arpeggiator and a host of other amazing features have made this gadget the chosen one for many musicians.

User Reviews

Users are in love with this dynamic phrase machine for its easy to use and intuitive touch pad making it enjoyable for both amateurs and professionals. The wide range of effects, drum sounds and scales are also loved by all. Users also like the fact that the synthesizer can run on batteries and has a small and compact design. This makes the gadget fully portable, hence allowing users to take it along with them even while they are traveling.



The following are the excellent features of the Korg Kaossilator Pro:

• This dynamic phrase synthesizer has a highly responsive touchpad which can be easily used to create original musical pieces and complex sounds.
• The synthesizer features 200 sound programs which include a wide range of sounds like drums, synths and many more.
• The music effects can be enhanced by the various acoustic instruments like guitar, piano and trumpet.
• The 8 Program Memory buttons can be used to get access to your selected favorite sounds easily.
• The PCM generator provides a variety of drum sounds and 25 loop patterns for rhythm.
• Various sound effects can be created using the 15 vocoder programs.
• A wide range of melodies can be played with the 31 scales.
• The gate arpeggiator allows users to create a variety of melodies which are perfectly synchronized with the tempo.
• The tempo can be set manually or by using the tap tempo function.
• Up to 4 measures of loop recording can be done with the 4 loop recording banks.
• The line inputs and mic inputs can be used for recording from external audio sources.
• The synthesizer also features MIDI in/out connectors and USB connector.
• The SD card data storage can be used for saving favorite melodies.
• All MIDI assignments and recorded loop data can be managed with the Kaossilator Pro editor software.


The Korg Kaossilator Pro has become an extremely popular and loved live performance synth brand today. This is one gadget which is very easy to use and has a range of excellent features. The variety of sound effects and scales enables users create just the kind of music they want. All in all this is one great product for all kinds of users.

Mother 32 Review

Moog Mother 32 is unique in itself, being the first semi modulator Eurorack synthesizer which is tabletop from Moog, its originator. It is an analog instrument which can add the fresh sound of analog. It provides sequencing along with wide-ranging inter-connectivity with any kind of electrical or modulator surrounding. This beautiful instrument delivers performance that has an expansive range.

It has been crafted by hands in the beautiful city of Asheville of NC. Moog Mother-32 is having a rough extruded exterior of aluminium which is having sides made up of wood. Its sequencer is voltage controlled which has 64 different sequence locations. It is quite small in size with dimensions of 12.57” W X 4.21”H X 5.24”D.

User Reviews

The consumers who are using Moog Mother 32 are quite captivated with its impressive sound which is quite beautiful for a VCO synthesizer. Its envelope is quite versatile and exhibits beautiful filter and pulse modulation, its well built and being portable it is quite convenient for use.

However, this synthesizer does not have an On/Off switch in case it has to be used in the form of a stand-alone synthesizer with a desktop. Some of the customers are really excited by the fact that the front panel of this synthesizer can be divided into oscillator or sound modifier controller, keyboard of single octave, sequencer with 32-step and patchbay of 32 point.



The features of Moog Mother- 32 which have made it favorite among masses are as follows:

• The unique semi-modulator designing of this synth does not require patching of any kind for creating swift music
• It has sequencer of 32 step which is controlled by voltage along with 64 different sequence locations
• It possess low and high pass 4- Pole Ladder filter (which ranges from 20 Hz to 20kHz) by using resonance controlled by voltage
• It possess audio input present in the exterior that can be used for processing of outside sources of sound
• It have ultimate Moog oscillator which delivers output in form of Pulse as well as Sawtooth
• Mother- 32 exhibits MIDI input of 5-pinand also MIDI connected to a CV converter
• It have two voltage controllable mixers
• It can be used as an excellent companion with MinitaurWerkstatt 01 and other synths
• The main module gets converted into Eurorack case or skiff easily when required
• Its envelope generator features flexible controls for Decay and Attack
• Mother- 32 keyboard is single octave and has 13 notes. With the help of Step Edit Mode sequencer steps can be selected, muted or enabled
• Patchbayconsists of thirty tow patch points
• Its audio output present at the rear or back panel is ¼” headphone


Moog Mother-32 exhibits the trademark and original Moog sound which makes it distinct from its peers. It has a versatile and flexible patchbay which is quite useful. Its added advantage is it can be expanded by means of Eurorack or by adding a second or third unit.

Though it is not very much intuitive but it is an inspiring sequencer. With its cost being affordable, this powerful semi-modular being Eurorack ready has become a popular choice. It has been designed in such a way that you can easily create inspiring and unique music.

Korg Volca Keys Review

KorgVolca Keys is a remarkable product from the Volca series of EDM tools, it is an analog lead synthesizer which produces dominant sound through its petite and compact body. Having 27 keys and has a filter which uses the same circuit as that of the fabulous miniKORG700S which were developed during 1974.

Due to its well-known circuit design from Korg which are experts from half century, Volca keys delivers amazing sound. It’s designing and structure is quite simple and possesses a sequencer as well as delay effect. Due to its various features, it becomes a perfect choice for your first portable analog synth making it easy to put together unique ear catching sequences while on long car rides even flights.

User Reviews

As per its users, it is a magnificent product which comes at quite an affordable price. It is same size as that of the VHS tape that is why it is quite easy to carry and portable. It uses batteries as the source of power which lasts astonishingly for a longer duration of time and also possesses on-board speakers.

You can easily clock-sync your Volca keys with other Volcas also. With KorgVolca Keys, its users can enjoy three note as well as analog polyphony. It comes with an on-board keyboard which works perfectly for different kinds of lead runs. Its users boast of its sequencer that is 16-step, which when used at ¼ tempo creates amazing patterns of 64-beat. It has a jack which is MIDI-in.



KorgVolca keys is an astounding machine which consists of following features:

• It is a simple analog synthesizer which has three voice polyphony
• It possesses a keyboard which is multi-touch
• Its voicing function is quite easy to operate and allows anybody to create sounds
• It has delay effect of three kinds i.e., time, temp sync and feedback
• KorgVolca keys have a simple and modest loop sequencer allows you to record phases at the same time you are playing them
• It uses function of motion sequence to craft beautiful loops
• Employs function of active step and flux which can add vibrant changes
• It possess self-tuning which overpowers drifting of pitch
• The sequencer comprises of 16 steps and 8 recording patterns
• It employs 3.5 mm mini jack stereo headphones for audio output
• The dimensions of KorgVolca Keys is 7.61 inches W X 4.54 inches D X 1.81 inches H


The korg volca Keys brilliantly amalgamates the analog synthesis along with innate user controls. This wonderful instrument produces versatile sounds and loop. Being a lead synth, it is also fortified with a brilliant sequencer of 16 step, delay effects and ring modulation. For entry of note, there is a MIDI input in addition with external sync.

They are battery operated and have speakers that are built-in, thus you can enjoy playing your favorite synth anytime anywhere. In few words, it is a perfect introductory synthesizer which has simple designing and produces powerful sound. Its polyphonic performance and affordable price can attract any music lover who wants to enter into the world of music creation.

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