Korg Volca Fm VS Yamaha Reface Dx


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KORG VOLCA FM VS Reface DX review

The Korg company has done it once again, coming up with a new FM polyphonic digital synthesizer like no other in the market. The Volca series released by the reputed company has been a huge success so far, widely acclaimed for its superb fusion of classics like groove engines with the latest music trends; And now with the newly released Volca FM mini hardware synth, they have added more vintage feathers to their already heavy cap.

Proving time and again that big things indeed come in small packages, the Volca FM takes digital synthesizers to a whole new level, being able to reproduce with ease the classic tones and notes of an FM engine with modern features appealing to all youth.

User Reviews

Korg’s Volca series has always had dedicated customers, and the Volca FM synth is no exception. Customers find the light-weight yet powerful synth extremely attractive. Vintage FM synth sounds are great when produced, and new features like the pattern chain mode for loop sequencing create more possibilities of rhythm pattern production for this hardware mini step sequencer synth.


The Volca FM has a packed and powerful beast of an FM engine, contained within its small body. The other major features of this digital synthesizer are:

  • It is a 3- voice digital polyphonic synthesizer which can reproduce authentic FM vintage tones with perfection, and is also compatible with standard FM synths – it can load SYS-EX/SYX file format from the age-old Yamaha DX7.
  • Synthesis from a 6-operator device provides a wide range of notes possible – typical 80s bass, some classic electric notes and even the more modern metal notes.
  • The typical Volca feature of having a sequencer of a high amount of 16-steps, has more additional features – warp active step mode, pattern chain mode and Arpeggiator- diversifying rhythm pattern possibilities.
  • Users can record live their own performance through the loop sequencer. Sixteen such sequences can be kept in the internal memory.
  • An easy to understand user interface makes it easy for novices to understand the process of FM synthesizing and makes this device a good beginner synth.
  • High class parameter controls enable the user to switch options even while using, to experience each effect before deciding which one. It is also possible to change and play around with the presets while playing.
  • State-of-the art editing features such as Modulator edit knobs and loadable vintage patches. More wholesome editing can be done with the help of a multi-control display which allows the user to jump right into full-on editing, with complete list of parameters for guidance.
  • Inter-Volca connection mini-jacks allow users to copy parameters across to other Volca FM synths.
  • An in-built chorus effect option to create sufficient depth of tones.


Compact, easy-carry size weighing a mere 360 grams, the Volca FM from Korg is a huge hit in the world of synthesizers – especially the modern day vagabond musicians as it can be used anywhere, everywhere at any time – with no hassles – an integrated speaker system and battery that lasts just long enough. Classic FM vintage notes at an affordable price, that gives the answer to “what is a good synthesizer for a begginner?” – this mini analog synth is worth every penny!



Yamaha has a developed a steadfast line of synthesizers, just like the other companies, and with the Reface DX poloyphonic synth, it has set a whole new standard of tradition-and-modern fusion. Though this may not be agreeable with all, in terms of technicalities and aesthetics, the Reface DX model holds a lot of new surprises guaranteed to please the wary customer. Far overcoming the defects of the old FM synths, modern ones have hands-on control and the Reface goes a step farther with high-quality casing. With 3 octaves (one less than the DX100) it still manages to do better than the DX100 in terms of sound quality and mini-keybed comforts. The option of additional Keytar wearable starp makes it all the more appealing.

User Reviews

Customers find the Reface DX from Yamaha a most easily programmable good starter synth keyboard compared to all others in the market. The extremely clear and fantastic OLED display for multi-touch control of parameters makes it all the more user friendly and beginners feel it’s the perfect synth system for them. The sound produced by the FM engine is much noiseless than its predecessors.

Many users find the continuous feedback from all, and not just one, operator simultaneously extremely useful – this compensates the fact that there are only 4-operators and not 6 like in the DX100.


Reface DX from Yamaha has many attractive features making it quite a popular choice amongst musicians.

  • An 8-note polyphonic, 4-operator synth packed within a small compact aesthetic body
  • Powerful sound velocity engine allows a more dynamic and augmented synthesis function, with a nonstop feedback system
  • In-built multiple presets and effects for tweaking and experimenting
  • Easy user-interface, multi-touch controls that give access directly to respective four parameters from their respective touch control bars. Thus it is accessible by both amateur and expert
  • 12 possible connection algorithms to the operators
  • Easy patch storage and programming
  • Total of 32 voice storage locations allow to retain and recall the memory of favourite voices
  • Specifically done bass reflex technology which gives full rich and vibrant bass sounds
  • In-built phase looper makes it easy to make new sound ideas and to re-record some sounds onto others for more new dub patterns
  • Soft key mini keyboard for quick organic performance and a classic elite touch and feel
  • A stereo speaker set makes it easy for on-the-go music
  • 6 numbers of AA batteries are sufficient to operate the synth for a time of 5 hours, on continuous usage
  • A USB MIDI connectivity port for Computer systems and laptops
  • Aux cable input for connection to mobile phones and other devices


Yamaha has never failed in producing quality synthesizers, this latest Reface FM is not disappointing. As it is the easiest to program, you can directly get into the music jamming straight off, whether you’re new to this or not. Weighing just 1.9kg, it is extremely portable and light, and the battery life is decent enough to hold a good bargain. Look no further, the Reface DX is a success.

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