Microbrute VS Minibrute


Microbrute vs Minibrute

Microbrute Review – (Amazon): http://amzn.to/2jKFYJI

Minbrute Review – (Amazon): http://amzn.to/2BGuKhG

Arturia MicroBrute is an analog synthesizer with so many interesting features. It is a robust product with firm switches and knobs. The Arturia MiniBrute is another excellent synthesizer with great sound and functionality, available in a very affordable range.

The MicroBrute produces an astounding variety of sonic potentials. It provides so many options for modulation and connectivity with other synth devices. It comes with a voltage-controlled oscillator. Innovative filters, overtone generator and mixing capabilities are some wonderful characteristics of this synthesizer. The interface is designed beautifully with lots of knobs and switches for new sound alterations. It is semi- modular, real-deal mono synth equipment available at a decent price.

Arturia MiniBrute is a revolutionary device to get wound up about. Despite it is small in size; the aluminum chassis with beautiful black or grey coating which gives it a professional look. The selection of functional knobs and sliders in appropriate places make Minibrute to cram so many features into its little space without any complex or cramped feeling. Arturia can receive or send MIDI as well as control signals and voltages with voltage-controlled mechanism.

User Reviews:

Microbrute –

MicroBrute vs MinibruteCostumers are very well satisfied with the functionalities and features of Microbrute and many of them gave it full on ratings. Many users say that when the first time they play the synth, they heard an amazing and gentle sound from this magical device. As it has a USB, MIDI input so they can play anything they want with its stunning sound filters. The product includes dry-rub out templates so they can easily save their patches with great sound quality.

Many of them say that MicroBrute inspires them to play more and more new sounds and to discover new subtleties each time. The knobs are at their ‘best’ setting and give a ‘Defined’ sound.

Some of the users state that it will be better if it has more than one oscillator to merge various dissimilar waveforms but they are happy with its overall performance. It has a sequencer built-in that allow users to program and store sequences straight into this synth and gives an easy method to set basic songs and check sounds. It is the perfect product for all the learners and beginners available at their best price.

Minibrute –

MicroBrute vs Minibrute 2MiniBrute has got five star reviews from lots of costumers. They found its sounds and controls superb. They can control the parameters just by adjusting slider or knob. Many say that it includes fine overlays that show how to create diverse sounds by adjusting knobs and sliders. Knobs are firm for fine adjustments. Users love that they can operate each and every aspect that is producing sound.

Synth enthusiast say that they can quickly learn how to change the sound from controllers as all the controllers are laid out well. There are no menus given and this total synth can be controlled just by sliders and knobs so there are no complications about menus. Exclusive functions are ordered in different sections that are easy to operate and understand. The flexibility provided by Arturia MiniBrute in creating lots of different sounds makes it users to appreciate this synth.

Costumers found MiniBrute a versatile synthesizer and a perfect combo of MIDI functions. Some of them are less happy with the quality and size of keyboard because it looks like made up of cheap material. But others are very happy with its enhanced capabilities and the comfortable and deeper sound outcome. Generally the costumers feel pleased and most of them love this wonderful product.

Microbrute Minibrute Comparison:

Microbrute and Minibrute, both are tremendous analog synthesizers with so many features associated. Each of them consists of special facilities which other don’t have but both are excellent products for the price. Both are two of the best monophonic analog synths and have 100% analog audio path for signals. A Microbrute comes with a voltage controlled oscillator with 3 waveforms whereas a Minibrute has extra sub-oscillators associated with it. Both have a stylish small keyboard with mini keys.

Some important features of these synths are:

MicroBrute Features:

  • It has a Step Sequencer that provides a never-ending motivation and works as resource of new ideas.
  • You can animate and modify your sounds via Wave-shapers.
  • The overtone generator serves extra harmonics, from 1 octave downward to a 5th up.
  • Oscillator with three waveforms that are Triangle, Square and Saw waves.
  • A quality multimode filter-Steiner Parker (high pass, low pass and band pass) provides a distinctive sound from Microbrute.
  • It has a tiny velocity-responsive keyboard having 25 keys.
  • Modulation Matrix provides a semi- modular suppleness.
  • It comes with signal enhancer waveshapers that give Pulse, Width, Ultrasaw and Metalizer.
  • Analog path gives astounding flexibility in extremely affordable range.
  • It has an Arpeggiator syncable LFO clock.
  • Provides USB/MIDI In (with five pin connector) and Out facility.
  • Comes with 1/8” headphone output and 1/4” audio output.
  • Octave selection facility ranges from -2 to +2.
  • Pitch wheel and Mod wheel facility.
  • Controlled- voltage In jacks (filter, saw animator, pitch and sub harmonics etc) and Out Jacks (LFO, envelope).
  • Fully functional Step- Sequencer with 8 memories and around 64 steps per memory.
  • Rate can be controlled and tap- tempo availability.
  • Various trigger modes and step division through software.
  • It provides exterior analog input facility.
  • Classy steel panel on the bottom.
  • Works on power supply- DC 12V AA.
  • Brute Factor delivers well-off harmonics and infiltration.

Some additional features include Mod Matrix that produces controlled-voltage routing that opens new traditions to modulate internal available sounds. The interface is designed very well.

MiniBrute Features:

  • Without digital menus and controllers, it has 100% analog path for signals.
  • Multi-wave Osc gives 3 diverse waveforms with a noice creator and sub-octave creator.
  • 25 mini-key keybed with pitch, swiftness and inflection wheels.
  • MIDI and Arpeggiator sync, LFO (5 waveshapes) and a sufficient amount of knobs, Ultrasaw, Metalizer, pitch and filter.
  • Three modes Vibrato LFO2 (trill up, down and sine).
  • Comes with CV (Amp, pitch and filter) and USB/MIDI In and Out connectivity.
  • Built with Aluminum (heavy duty) material, can be carried in traveling.
  • Signal enhancers gives
  • Ultrasaw with shimmering sawtooth.
  • Triangle harmonics with Metalizar.
  • Modulation with pulse width.
  • 6 waveforms by LFO1- Triangle, square, sine, random sine, random square and sawtooth with bi-polar destinations for modulation.
  • It comes with Arpeggiator syncable LFO1 clock.
  • Controlled- voltage Gate source selection facility for Hold/Audio/Keyboard.
  • 1/4″ Headphone and audio output.
  • Comes with 2 ADSR Envelop producers with speed selection (fast/slow) facility.
  • Runs on 12V DC power supply.

The MiniBrute is developed with a unique design. Envelops like Amp and filter provide ADSR slider for instant access and quick visual response. Highly developed Arpeggiator includes different selectors for steps, modes swing and octave. External analog input feature allows you to mix other audios in its sound. All the qualities make it a perfect choice for users.

Microbrute Vs Minibrute Reviews/Discounts



A fact is noticeable that Arturia have on track to refer these synthesizers as “The Micro” and “The Mini”. As ‘The Mini’ referred unquestionably to a distinct synthesizer, it can reveal major changes in synth-buying person’s psyche. These products are on the track of attaining something unusual.

Both synthesizers, Microbrute and MiniBrute have their own unique features and capabilities with astonishing sound quality. Both already possess big success in their field.

Microbrute is, almost, a pure analog synth and sound like one. Even it is small in size, it offers an extraordinary range of facilities with an immense fun always. It can be used as a full-sized keyboard by just a single plug-in. The Voltage-controlled Oscillator is the heart of it. With USB, MIDI and CV connectivity and external input facility, it gives significant bonus of patchbay that allows user to enjoy remarkable class of music. It meets very well to the needs of its users. The Steiner-parker filter was first used in 1970’s with classic Synthacon synth equipment that provides an unbelievable array of sonic possibilities. It is planned beautifully with plastic and metal material that gives it a stunning look.

Without any menu and presets, and other equipment, MiniBrute analog synth offers an unexpected collection of features for an affordable small unit and gives the outcome like an analog synthesizer is supposed to. It is not so expensive and very easy to use. It comes with programmable LFO and modulation facility. The amplitude of outcome effects can be controlled by either aftertouch facility or mode wheel, or both of them. It provides so many waveforms for better sound quality and random modes. With a good, wider sonic- palette, it provides good connectivity and enormous presentation capabilities with intuitive operations. It can be considered as a ‘Mature’ tool by Arturia.

Both evolutionary Arturia products, MicroBrute and MiniBrute sequencer have astonishing characteristics and are two of the best synth keyboards under 500 excellent sound results that attract melody lovers in a large number.

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